High Noon Webinar Series

60 Minutes concentrated knowledge - free entry! From June 2013 the ebam Academy during its Webinar series asking high noon each noon again for 60 minutes to the showdown. This isn't a matter however as classically would suggest to a duel, but dialogue. Concentrated knowledge for corporate practice is taught in the context of short, crisp, informative webinars and attendees can engage interactively. The usual training modules of the ebam are temporally more broad-based; High noon offers the possibility, in the part of area of in a bid to sniff. Somehow can get an insight into the matter, old industry hands can refresh their knowledge. And all in the context of 60 minutes an efficient lunch break.

Short topics, important for the operational practice of experienced speakers to the point brought. So in short, the webinar series can be described high noon. The series starts on the 6th June 2013 with the topic of online marketing in social media". Speaker is Rene Wetzel, He introduces founder of Music Business Development in Berlin-agency backgrounds and relationships, how projects, companies and products benefit from social media and what potentials and possibilities into dealing with these new opportunities. The second Webinar designed Judith Kobus "money makes events go round? on 13 June 2013 to the topic -Budgeting by events as a fundamental success factor". It deals with establishing an event budget and provides the relevant cost elements at the heart of their designs.

Dealing with a budget plan, whose Unwagbarkeiten are, in the function of standards, quality and last but not least region will be highlighted. Judith Kobus, owner of the Cologne agency cubus-music"has gained many years of experience in the event business, ranging from international and interdisciplinary conferences and festivals to multi-month international tours. Registration is required for participation. To ensure the efficiency for each, the number of participants is limited to 30 people! By the way: No software installation is required. only speakers or headphones. Click here to go to registration: kursliste.php? LID = 8321 & TID = 832120130606 & OS = 11 & LinkID = webinar-high-noon-ebam there are announced the next topics. Save the date! High noon Webinar of the ebam Academy theme: online marketing in social media speaker: Rene Wetzel date: 06.06.2013 12:00 duration: 60 minutes topic: "money makes events go round? -Budgeting by events as a fundamental factor of success"speaker: Judith Kobus date: 13.06.2013, 12:00 duration: 60 minutes 20 years in the service of the vocational training the training and education of the ebam Business Academy for media, event and culture focuses on commercial, organisational and legal priorities in the areas of music, media, sponsorship, event and culture. The course models range from intensive seminars and compact winter - and summer academies on in-service part-time courses with ever a course weekend per...

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Figures Hang

The DocCheck AG is followed after more grip which is DocCheck AG the call for more grip in the investor communication the reputation and has spread now publicly their annual report in full length. Last Friday, the CEO of DocCheck AG, Frank Antwerpes, used the gu? discount weather conditions and brought the annual report of the company from 50 meters to complete development. At 15:15 local time took the Enthu? llungsaktion its course: after the numbers strong concoction on a rope was fixed, the Cologne businessman decided to follow the path of many DAX Board members but not with golden parachute, but with a rope down. More than 29 m continuous unfurled at the former grain silo in BRU? hl and granted a comprehensive insight into the figures 2012 of the DocCheck AG. The whole development action was accompanied by a team on the ground with the camera. High resolution images and a video are verfu from 31 July 2013? available. DocCheck AG in the open market of the Frankfurt Securities Exchange traded DocCheck AG has focused with its investments in the European healthcare market. Within this market, there are in the DocCheck group three priorities: agency business (antwerpes ag), access business (doccheck medical services GmbH) and trade (doccheck medical supplies and logistics).

Target the DocCheck AG is to verknu it Agency -, access - and the trading business? pfen and the various activities being attractive to bu? ndeln. Thus, it creates a unique offer in the healthcare market which allows our customers to find unusually creative communication, highly efficient target group access and professional logistics under one roof. From this market position out the DocCheck AG has a turnover of EUR 18.3 million with its 182 employees in 2012. How to contact with DocCheck AG Corporate Communications Tanja Mumme bird's anger str. 66, 50823 Cologne fon: + 49-221-920 53-139 fax: + 49-221-920 53-133 eMail:

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Software Development

In the IT services provided by the test management and quality assurance in software development play an increasingly important role for the success of a project. Since the early 1970's, the importance of IT services, due to a more flexible IT, increasing in particular in the area of quality assurance of software and test management. To grow in number and complexity of the technologies, which enables new cross-industry applications. This increasing heterogeneity of local activities demands higher in IT in relation to development, testing, implementation and operation of hardware and software, which is a self-reinforcing cycle. In a question-answer forum Berkley was the first to reply. This feedback results in particularly complex challenges in a test management because overlap there development and application of software. The application fields represent in very diverse environments, where a smooth program sequence always encounters numerous additional terms. Communicate in a more considered Application environment running together, many individual programs exchanging data, process them, what a mutual interdependence.

Such close linkages of many programs within the framework of quality assurance the realistic test of a single function after their modification greatly complicate matters: this change should prove in real application everyday, what she must - pass their tests there and where she provoked an uncontrollable collapse of all business processes in the event of a fault in the worst scenario. According to Sinclair Martial Arts, who has experience with these questions. To resolve the contradiction between safety and realistic testing quite well in a lab sealed-off: there is a practical simulation of the live system, whose individual Anwendungen as twins in the test suite run. Let is in the quality assurance of software system changes realistically consider, without harm to the real system. > In the test environment software modifications for themselves as well as in the context of communicating programs demonstrate the degree of their practicality. The measure of Usability shows this quite real conditions without risking the continuous real-time operation in everyday business.

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(More at HM-Steuer.de/Leistungen/exakte-buchhaltung-fuer-e-commerce-Leicht-gemacht.html) software solution with a standard interface for payment systems a posting of this variety of transactions is also error-prone and expensive. But there is a solution: experience of hampel + Marka is a field-proven software solution easy to realize a manageable and portable costs. With the appropriate software, all business transactions in the Internet business are digitally recorded and checked. The corresponding invoice is associated with each payment from PayPal or Amazon. Depending on the trading platform (product, Afterbuy PayOne) revenues can also according to document type (invoice, credit, further calculated shipping) and / or are accounted for article/category according to.

The sales can be divided according to domestic, EU and third country. A related site: Chuck Berry mentions similar findings. When choosing the software is sure that she converted prevalent data formats for the exchange of financial accounting data; the import and export interfaces should be separately licensable, recommends Armin Hampel. Thus, the data from the selected payment systems - Amazon, PayPal, credit card, bank transfer can be etc read and converted for the accounting system. All E-Commerce typical fees and shipping costs are automatically recorded on separate expense accounts. This way, you can calculate contribution margins. An automated financial accounting, in which the online channel integrates media applications, provides transparency about each individual transaction including complete document documentation, so tax consultants hampel at any time.

Thus a Web shop operators have the required current numbers at the same time always available, to meet targeted business decisions. Is the information interesting for your readers? We give you more information and details or send you to visuals. Hampel + Marka Steuerberatungs GmbH & co. KG the firm hampel + builds Marka Steuerberatungs GmbH & co. KG, based in Schongau in Lechbruck Experiences from 30 years on. Their consulting supports clients in all tax and commercial issues in the successful shaping of their economic future. The expertise includes the German and international tax law. Offering digital accounting allows hampel + Marka clients virtual cooperation and thus a significant efficiency boost. Contact Armin hampel hampel + Marka Steuerberatungs GmbH & co. KG Adalbert-Keis-Strasse 7, 86956 Schongau. Phone 08861-2307-0

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Material Processing Division

Since 1st January 2014, Dr. Mario is a single head of the laser in the Jenoptik lasers & material processing Division. Jena, 16 January 2014 - Dr. Mario single bears global responsibility for the entire Division of laser in this function and Managing Director of JENOPTIK laser GmbH, one of the two companies in the business area is also operational. Dr. Mario single has his PhD in laser physics at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena and has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of optics/photonics.

What happened in various leadership positions at Qioptiq worldwide. With Jenoptik Dr. Mario decided single for one of the leading international technology companies, which is active in the laser field for over 20 years. Jenoptik is one of the world's few providers, which manufactures the entire technology chain in the field of laser beam sources of semiconductor material about the diode lasers up to solid state lasers with high quality and process reliability in series. An image Single, by Dr.

Mario, you can find in the Jenoptik image database under lasers & material processing/press to download. Jenoptik lasers & material processing Jenoptik division boasts lasers & material processing Division of the leading providers of laser technology and offers products and solutions along the entire value chain of laser material processing of the component to the complete laser system. In the area of laser, the company has specializes in high-quality Semiconductor Laser, reliable diode laser modules and systems, as well as innovative solid state laser like disc and fiber laser. With this product portfolio, Jenoptik is the ideal partner for the entire pulse widths range from cw to fs. The high-performance diode lasers is the company of globally recognized quality leader. In the field of laser systems develops and manufactures Jenoptik laser machines, which are integrated in the course of process optimization and automation in production lines of customers. These are the processing of plastics, metals and glass in connection with the Processing of thin films. While the laser systems allow you manipulate the Jenoptik with utmost efficiency, precision and process reliability. In addition, customers in the Applikationseinrichtungen can try out different laser sources and machinery and to find the optimum solution for your application. The product portfolio is rounded off by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust air purification systems for residue-free removal of pollutants, which arise in the laser processing and other industrial processes. How to contact with Denise Thim Manager Marketing & communication Division lasers & material processing phone: + 49 3641 65-4366 I fax:-4011 E-Mail: lm

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